Creating your strategic roadmap

When asked, most ambitious business owners acknowledge the importance of having a clear strategic plan. And, in our experience, successful growth businesses have plans that they are busy implementing.

Yet, when we first meet them, the vast majority of ambitious business owners do not have any sort of growth plan. If they do, they have to dust it off before they pull it down off the shelf or apologise for the poor quality drawing as they pull a napkin out of their pocket. Why is this?

Well the answer is quite simple. Most ambitious business owners are too busy working in the business to work on it. Then, when they make a start, they underestimate the time and energy it takes to create a robust growth plan. And, they often have no idea what they should put in it. As a result, they frequently end up with little more than an extended to-do list.

So, what will it take you to think and act more strategically? What is this planning lark all about? What should it include? Who should be involved? How do I do it? What benefits can I expect from doing it?

At our Compass Meeting on 7 March, we will look to draw upon our experience and success in helping a wide range of clients to generate business improvements and growth and clarify their thoughts and to focus their actions by:

  • gaining insight into the performance of their business through staff, customer and supplier feedback;
  • renewing and nurturing their purpose and values in a way that provides a stable and guiding compass for future business decision making;
  • scanning the horizon to understand future scenarios that will impact their business;
  • creating a compelling and inspiring vision, with clear and tangible measures;
  • establishing strategic initiatives and plans that will resource and deliver your growth and help you to keep on track.

In exploring these elements of the growth planning process, we also hope to better understand the challenges and opportunities that your business faces.