If you are an ambitious business owner, we are here for your journey

As business owners ourselves, we know that starting, running, growing and exiting your own business is an exciting, liberating, daunting, challenging and, quite often, a lonely journey. Sometimes it is nice to know if you are heading in the right direction and if you are doing the right things. We believe that there are some simple truths, borne from real experience that can deliver practical business benefits, now and in the long-term.

Our clients are able to draw upon our wealth of experience gained from working with businesses at all stages of development. We work with them to help define success and then create plans to deliver it. As the path of true success never runs smooth, we maintain a close relationship to support the implementation of the plans and to adapt and evolve the business over time. The most critical part of this is often in supporting the role changes of the business owner and the team that surrounds them.

We have identified and worked with the following common challenges, click on each heading below to see examples of our work:

Have an exit on your mind

The desire to exit might be on the horizon or in 5-10 years’ time. For this to be successful, you will want to create a variety of options and to understand how best to exit the business and what to do next.

Want to achieve breakthrough

You have a successful business that has achieved all your previous goals, but you have reached a plateau. Breaking through to the next level will require a new approach and a plan that is more than just the one in your head.

Keen to get others to take on more responsibility

You have built a good business and have come to the conclusion that you are starting to limit its growth. You recognise the need to get others involved but are not sure how you get them to take on more responsibility and be more proactive.

Get off to a flying start

You’ve got a great idea and want to turn it into a great business. You want someone to help you think through the pitfalls and turn your racing thoughts into a coherent story and plan; someone who is going to hold you to account, to support you and push you to make it happen.

Share and shape your thinking with great minds think alike

Your head is full of thoughts, problems, opportunities and ideas but they are untested and unchallenged. You want to learn from others on a similar journey. You want to meet with other like-minded ambitious business owners and see if you are on the right track.


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