Our key activities

Working with you

Before any piece of work, we will work with you to establish some clear outcomes for our work, develop a specific approach to achieve these. We will then agree a fixed fee for the work, frequently timing the payment of these fees to the achievement of these outcomes. To achieve these outcomes, our work typically consists of some of the following activities:

Coaching, mentoring or non-executive support

We are experienced in developing and delivering individual coaching for the owner manager that focuses on:

  • helping to strengthen the owner manager’s ability to lead their business typically through the exploration of ambition, self-determination, leadership, purpose, values and vision .
  • building personal and business resilience by providing challenge and support for the resolution of current and imminent business issues.

Other one-to-one support available for the owner-manager will include:

  • mentoring with experienced business practitioners from within the Telos network
  • non-executive directorship (where appropriate)

Strategy development

We work directly with the business owner and, where appropriate, the senior management team or board, to help to determine and to facilitate the writing of a high level strategic plan for growth.

Senior team development

We work with the board or senior management team to establish a culture of high performance often including the use of psychometrics, a series of facilitated group sessions and appropriate methods of feedback.

Supporting business change initiatives

We work with the business owner and specific people within the business) to initiate or manage business initiatives aimed at delivering business growth or change.

Employee and customer engagement

We work with the business owner and specific people within the business to help engage employees or customers with the purpose, values and vision of the business. This will often involve the development of company annual away days or conferences, customer events and on occasions include helping to develop customer sales presentations.

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