Simply better – hits the nail on the head

The post ‘what is unique about being unique?’ was born from our observations of ambitious business owners who create and grow businesses that stand out from the crowd, punch above their weight with larger organisations and grow faster than their peers. On 13 March 2012, our sixth compass meeting for ambitious business owners built upon this theme and explored what you need to do to create such an outstanding business. The conclusion was remarkably simple – be better by:

  1. doing the hard yards by working out what customers really value and are willing to pay for
  2. being passionate about why you want to, and how you can, deliver that value
  3. being focused [obsessed] on delivering that value time and time again
  4. ensuring your marketing and communications clearly and concisely demonstrate all of the above so that you can deliver more of this value to more these types of customers

If you want to create your own outstanding business then the Simon Sinek TED video ‘how great leaders inspire’ seems to be a good place to start and the questions below appear to be important ones to develop answers for.

Enough said, we are off to help more ambitious business owners (as one of our clients said) ‘to chart and to navigate their way to long-term business success’. If you want to find out more about how we can help you to achieve this please contact

inside OUT

  1. What problem is your business here to solve?
  2. Why do you want to solve it?
  3. What do you passionately believe in?
  4. What difference do you want to make?

OUT side in

  1. Who are you targeting as your ideal customer?
  2. What problem are you really trying to solve in their eyes?
  3. What do they really value?
  4. What does ‘world class’ delivery of this value look like?
  5. How will they judge success?
  6. How well do you deliver this value?
  7. How could you deliver this more?
  8. How can you do this more consistently?

stand OUT

  1. Who are your real competitors?
  2. How do you stack up against them?
  3. How will you win beat them?
  4. How can you demonstrate that you are better?
  5. What work would you never take on? Why?

OUT standing

In a sentence, describe why your customers will want you and your competitors will fear you

And finally, what can you do for your existing and potential ideal customers to allow them to experience your outstanding business?

For more information please see the attached file for a summary of the conversation.Compass meetings #6 – summary of outputs.

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